Vax Dual V V-124 Carpet Washer Review


Vax Vacuum Cleaners have a great name in cleaning and vacuum equipments and this present product that is the Vax Dual V V-124A Carpet Washer is a fresh yet very useful innovation in carpet cleaning. Every home desires to be spotlessly clean and free from dust and allergies, this vacuum cleaner offers to do just that and it works magnificently with its upright stature and red and black fitting, this cleaner also comes with many believable features that drive one to bring it home.

An Overview

This Vax Dual V V-124A Upright Carpet Washer comes in an elegant black and red fittings and being upright in nature occupies very little storage space, it also weighs around 11.48 kgs making it very easy to move around carpets or stairs and help clean them effectively. It is also immensely energy efficient as it works at a reasonable power of 1350 watts.

Application and Tools

This model is called as double acting as the name suggests because it can clean spills and also provide with a drying effect that very few vacuum cleaners can boast of. The dual nature of the cleaner is so called because mere vacuum cleaning of the carpets is not effective enough because the sunk-in spills, oil, grease, grime coupled with stubborn dirt all ask for something more than vacuuming and that would explain the need for washing, which is where this carpet washer comes useful.

  • It is so tough on stains yet so gentle on carpets that its efficacy is worth being tested.
  • It has a clean capacity of 3.70 litres which allows a full carpet to be cleaned in minutes, it can also handle dirt capacity of 3.20 litres, that would mean lesser detachment for throwing away dirty water and refilling with the cleaning solution would be required.
  • It is accompanied by a Spin Scrub hand tool that will enable easy cleaning of stubborn stains and make the fabric look as good as new.
  • It also has a Wash tool that will ensure that the stairs and upholstery is well cared for and the house will feel fresh and fragrant.


General Features

The most amazing features of this product are:

  • This model is provided with 5 Spin Scrub brushes as a permanent fixture on the cleaner’s floor head thus it calls for rapid and through cleaning of deep and dirty stains as the wheels surge and push the stubborn dirt out of its place and make the carpet look very clean.
  • This appliance is endowed with technology called Dual V-a powerful suction on account of its twin air path across the entire length of carpet cleaners floor head thus again providing incomparable cleaning and express drying as well so the carpets always feel spring fresh.
  • This machine also provides heated cleaning that is caused by the powerful heated air being compressed into a narrow path, allowing the hot air to warm the bristles as the water and detergent cleaner suck in dirt and provide instant and fragrant drying.
  • The carpet cleaner also has an auto mix cleaning system that ensures that the correct amount of water and detergent solution are premixed to provide effective cleaning.

Other Technical Aspects

Vax Dual V V-124A 1350 Watts Carpet Washer has a cleaning reach of 11.90 metres so that enables wider carpet clean and also stairs can also be effectively scrubbed. This wonder machine comes with a cable of 9.00 metres and allows ease of movement without tugging the machine everywhere. The carpet cleaner provides a cleaning width of 29.00 centimetres so larger area can be covered at a single go and work can be completed faster. It also provides edge to edge cleaning thus preventing the gathering of stubborn dirt along the sides of the carpet. The appliance comes with 2 tools on board that assist in efficient cleaning of the carpet.


This product comes with a 6 year guarantee that puts any questions to rest regarding the parts and their functioning.

Vax Dual V V-124 Carpet Washer – Technical Specification Table

Model NameVax Dual V V-124 upright carpet washer
Model NumberDual V V-124
Vacuum cleaner typeUpright carpet washer
Weight25.31 lb.
Available finishingClear and red
Cleaning Path11.42 in.
Technology usedAutomix cleaning system – provides the correct mix
of solution and water for optimum cleaning results.
Clean Capacity3.70 litres
Cleaning Width29.00 centimetres
Edge to EdgeYes
Dust capacity3.20 litres
Cord reach9.00 metres
Hose Reach7.55 ft.
Tools on boardSpinScrub brushes
SpinScrub hand tool
Wash tool
Pet hair suitableYes
FeaturesEdge Cleaning
Heated Cleaning
Dual V air path
Sucks up spills
Power EfficientNo
Noise levelHigh
Power1350 Watt
GuaranteeSix years

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