Dyson DC14 All Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner


DC14 – Upright, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Dyson

The space age designs and colours make the choosing of vacuum cleaners a much of a style decision. Many of the manufacturers are trying to bring up machines with new developments to make the process of cleaning more efficient and stylish, inspired by Dysons transition from the traditional vacuum cleaners to the sophisticated ones. However, Dyson still seems to be the reference manufacturer. The following review is about their inspirational DC14 All floors Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Stylish and Ergonomic

The Dyson looks like a high tech giant. Its looks are very similar to that of its DC07 predecessor, this one is much lighter though. Many of the vacuum cleaners compromise on ergonomics to make the product look stylish, but Dyson has given the vacuum its style without compromising on ergonomics. This DC14 Vacuum cleaner comes in a subtle grey and yellow colours.

Durability is yet another thing that the manufacturer never compromises on and the DC14 is not an exception for the tough durable construction as it is made out of the strongest materials available to withstand the bumps and bashes. Dyson has taken so much care that the clear bin is made out of tough polycarbonate which is the same materials used in crash helmets, making it absolutely strong and durable.

On-Board Tool Storage

The best part of the construction of the DC14 Upright Vacuum cleaner from Dyson is that, it has an on-board tool storage. This allows the tools to be stored securely on the machine and so they will be always available for you when you need them as and when you clean them. One thing that you can complain about the vacuum’s design is that, it is too tall to fit under the standard cabinets.


As far as features go the Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner is jam packed full of them.

Telescopic Reach Wand

The Telescopic Reach Wand will be an eye candy for most of the women as it has come in as an ultimate solution to get rid of the dirt in ceiling fans, steps and valances. With this, the spider webs and dust collected like no body’s business can be get rid off, Finally! This quick release wand extends to reach an extra 17 foot for cleaning the hard reach places with no awkward components to assemble. Though we do not say that it is the easiest thing to use, you will not have to use it every day and the pleasure of having no cobwebs and bright curtains is certainly worth every bit of effort that you had to put in.

Root Cyclone Technology

One main feature that caught our eyes while doing some research about this product is the users raving that it picks up the hair very well. Lots of dogs, cats and guinea pigs mean that there are lot of fuss to follow up and pick up. And this is what the DC14 does so well. While the conventional vacuums use a bag that clogs, Dyson has employed a technology that does this job with great ease. Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner has been equipped with Root Cyclone Technology whose centrifugal force spins the dust out of the air into the bin. Since there are no bags, there are no clogging and hence, no loss of suction. This patented technology filters particles as small as cigarette smoke.

Various Tools

Dyson has given you the full control over the brush. It has designed the vacuum cleaner in such a way that the brush bar turns off to protect your delicate rugs and hard floors. The long bristles of the brush tool are used to dislodge the cobwebs and allow you to do a delicate cleaning. The stair tool that has been custom designed by Dyson is simply great for cleaning the stairs and stair carpets. The crevice tool that comes with the unit is a high velocity airflow tool that is ideal for cleaning the picture rails, skirting boards and in between furniture. This explains why it has the tag “All floors” in its name.

Very Hygienic

As we had mentioned earlier, the Dyson DC14 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is bag less and so minimises the risk of contact with dirt. Yet another thing that is worth mentioning is that, the air expelled from Dyson contains up to 150 times the less mould and bacteria than the air that you breath and hence, overall the vacuum cleaner is hygienic and quick to empty too.


This load of features is well complimented by the great performance. The suction power is excellent, it is so high that we have to use the crevice tool to reduce it in some delicate carpet areas. There will not be any signs of pet hair in your house.

A Quiet Cleaner

The DC14 makes you realise how noisy your previous vacuum cleaner had been. This machine is extremely quiet when compared to any other cleaner in the market. In fact, you must be aware of the fact that with the use of any other vacuum, you will not be able to hear even the person who is right next to you and it drowns out every other sound in the house, but with this machine, you can listen to your favourite music. We are not trying to say that this is pin drop silent, but for the power that it has, it is a silent one.

Yes for Allergy Sufferers

This product of Dyson is approved for all allergy sufferers as all the models have the seal of approval of the British Allergy Foundation.

No maintenance cost

There is simply no maintenance cost with the Dyson DC14 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner because there are no bags to buy and the filters need not be replaced. All that you have to do is just wash it twice a year.

The Package

The entire package of DC14 has the Dyson All floors Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, crevice tool, stair tool, brush tool, user manual and a five year guarantee card.

Guarantee and Warranty

Dyson offer this fantastic product five years guarantee and two years standard warranty. The machine is repeatedly tested for an equivalent ten years of use to ensure durability. In addition to this, you also get support from Dyson all the seven days of the week.

Free gift

A surprise free gift that you get with DC14 is a Free Car Cleaning kit and Dyzolv Spot cleaner worth £47.73.

Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner – Technical Specifications, Features

Model NameDC14 All floors
Model numberDC14
Vacuum cleaner typeUpright Vacuum Cleaner
Dimensions (H x W x D)1101 x 339 x 345 mm
Available ColoursGrey and Yellow
Technology usedRoot Cyclone™ technology
Suction power280 Air Watts
Movement typeFixed wheel
Cleaner headMotorised brush bar
Brush bar control typeOn cleaner head
Bin capacity2.7 liters
Special features includedTelescope Reach™ wand
Cord length9.3 meters
Highlight featuresHygienic and quick to empty
Lifetime washable filters so no running costs
Tools and accessories included
in the package
Brush tool
Stair tool
Crevice tool
Other accessories availableFlexi crevice tool
Mini turbine head
Mattress tool
GuaranteeFive years
WarrantyTwo years

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