Best Vacuum Cleaners Full Guide 2020


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Canister vacuum cleaners, in certain situations, are better than upright models. They provide better suction and generally last longer. The long metal hoses found on canister vacuums work well for cleaning upholstery, stairs and draperies and even reach under sofas and beds. Some canister models offer a hard surface setting that turns the beater bar off, which is an important feature if you want to clean hardwood or tile floors. Beater brushes are harsh on bare floors as they can cause dents, marks and, scratches.

If you are in search for a new canister vacuum, here are a few of the best that won’t cost you over $400.


The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum is a powerful and technologically advanced vacuum cleaner that can take the beating of everyday use. There is no doubt about that as it is constructed in Germany, where high-quality home appliances are made. More than that, it features a multi-layer filtration system. The first line of defense is the microparticle filter bag that removes he vast majority of particles you pick up. And then the air passes through a pre-motor filter, then finally it goes through a HEPA filter before leaving the vacuum. Th high-efficiency HEPA filter system allows the unit to remove almost 99% of dust and particles without letting them get back into the air.

The Galaxy 1150 boasts a powerful 1100 watt variable speed motor that is strong enough for any cleaning tasks. From sucking up pet hair to removing dirt and debris that gathers in the track of a sliding glass door, the full power strength of the suction removes stuck-on debris. Finally, it comes equipped with most of the tools you will need to clean in a home or apartment that has predominantly smooth floors, with some low pile carpet or rugs.


Carpets are arguably one of the hardest part of the house to clean. They usually receive the highest traffic of dirt. Particles, pet hair, dander and other things get stuck in between their fibers. This is where the Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum comes in really handy. It is primarily designed for superior performance on super plush carpets.

The UltraFlex is built with an On/Off brushroll switch and 3-level height adjustment so you can clean all floor surfaces, from bare floors to plush carpets. Adjustable suction power lets you reduce suction to safely clean delicate curtains and fabric. Moreover, it has a cyclonic system that gives you consistent suction power to thoroughly clean your home. With the motion control system — large rear wheels and a low center of gravity — it twists and turns around furniture without difficulty. It also has a 21-foot cord, 8-foot hose and telescopic wand that make for 33 feet of cleaning reach. It also comes with versatile tools that include a crevice tool and dusting brush for cleaning crevices and stairs in one quick step. In addition, there’s an upholstery nozzle and bare floor nozzle that tackle any floor surfaces. Its premium HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of dust, allergens and other irritants. The HEPA filter is also washable, so you can reuse and reduce waste. The slim design of the bag-less dust cup and bottom opening let you easily empty the dust cup, reducing the amount of dust escaping into the air. It is compact and lightweight, so storage would never be a problem. UltraFlex includes a 5-year limited warranty.


The Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition canister vacuum cleaner features a Turbo Comfort turbobrush with an air-driven rotating roller brush, which loosens the dirt in the floor while collecting lint and thread.. This what makes this unit ideal for cleaning low to medium pie carpeting, area rugs and all smooth flooring. A foot switch allows you to go from smooth floors to carpeted surfaces quickly. It also has six-speed settings controlled via rotary dial that ensures the correct level of power for the surface being cleaned.

The C2 vacuum comes with a stainless telescopic wand that helps it obtain an operating radius of 36-feet. It is also designed with the brand’s nique AirClean filtration system that can capture and retain over 99.9 percent of all lung damaging particles. Finally, it comes with three convenient onboard accessories including a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle.


Another great canister vacuum cleaner for heavy cleaning is the Numatic Hi-Power 2 Stage Proffessional Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Don’t let that cheeky smile fool you; it might make the machine look cheap, but it’s not at all. Its price is on the higher side of vacuum cleaners, and it does a great job to make it worth the value.

The Numatic Charles CVC 370 is built with four wheels that allow better maneuverabilty. It also comes with two floor nozzles: one intended to work on wet floors and the other for carpets and dry bare floors. It uses a 1200 watt hi-power motor, which makes its suction very powerful.


When you’re going to buy a vacuum, you’re not only deciding whether to get an upright or a canister one, but you’re also going to decide whether it is built to hold a bag or with a bin. The advantage of having a bagged vacuum is that less dirt is released back in the air during disposal compared to the amount released in disposing the contents of a bin. Moreover, you don’t have to spend time cleaning anything as the bags are disposable.

So, which are the top-of-the-edge vacuum cleaners in the market today? Check out the list below.


Most heavy upright vacuum cleaners are difficult to maneuver and haul around but not the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel. It’s really impressive how easy it is to navigate it around the house, given it weighs about 20 pounds. This is most noticeable when you’re trying to plow through carpets. It is called ‘self-propelled,’ because it does all the heavy work, and you simply guide its direction.

But that’s not the only excellent feature the Hoover U6485900 can over serious buyers. It gives a consistent cleaning performance, from long carpets and wood floors to short-pile rugs and pet hair woes. The sensor light feature is very helpful as well. When it turns green, it means there’s no more dirt left on the floor. The only drawback of this unit is that the handle doesn’t recline to allow the user to reach under the bed or low furniture. This isn’t a problem, though, if you see all the excellent job it can do with its few attachments.


Panasonic has come up yet again with an excellent unit that doesn’t hurt our pockets too hard. The Panasonic MC-CG301 can stand up firm to most of its competitors even at its low price. It has an 11-amp motor, which enables its strong suction power. With its design and weight (just 9.4 pounds), it can easily be hauled around the house and up and down the stairs. Its ergonomic handle allows a very comfortable handling when cleaning above-floor surfaces, such as lamp shades and bookshelves. It is also built with two wheels for easy pivoting that are soft enough to not mar carpets.

There are other attachments that come in the box. There is a crevice tool and a 6-foot metal wand for sucking up crumbs, hair strands and other small debris from tight spots like between couch cushions. There’s also a blower port that blows up dirt from hard-to-reach corners out from the house.


If you’re worried about allergens affecting your health, the best way to go with a vacuum cleaner is to have it with HEPA filter. The one that has received so many favorable customer reviews is the Oreck Magnesium LW100. As the name and the product’s tagline suggest, “The beauty of the element magnesium lies within.” This makes the machine robust yet light enough to be carried around. In fact, you may found the cord even heavier than the vacuum itself!

In addition, the Oreck Magnesium LW100 features two speeds: the high speeds for carpets and the low speed is for bare floors and soft rugs. It can also lay flat for easily cleaning under tables, bed, and other tight spots. Its HEPA inner bag can capture 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns, such as pollen, mold, animal dander, and dust.


There’s a scenario that happens a few times to most people who clean the house on a regular basis. You run your vacuum only to find out it’s not picking up any dirt because the bag is full. You go to your cupboard to get one, but it finally dawns on you that you’ve used them all.

If this irritates you on more than one occasion, it may be high time to switch to a bag-less vacuum cleaner. And if you haven’t purchased a vacuum at all, this is a fair warning if you’re going to the bagged machine direction.

If you haven’t checked the market yet, here’s our roundup for the top-rated bag-less vacuums.


The BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A is a very versatile vacuum cleaner as it can be used on carpets, stairs, upholstery, and furniture, thanks to its TurboBrush. It also features a OnePass technology that allows the machine to clean more on the first pass, which is unlike other vacuum cleaners that need to pass through surfaces a few times before it can thoroughly clean. It boasts a cyclonic system for its strong cleaning power suction. With its huge size, you can be assured that it’s lightweight. This model works great on carpet, too.


Technology has really come a long way, and now we can thank it for another help on cleaning with us actually just sitting or doing anything else but clean. The robotic vacuum cleaner is such a relief to busy people who have no time to clean. The top-rated iRobot Roomba 555 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner offers nothing but convenience. This model uses a flexible cleaning head that adjusts to all types of floor surfaces, so you need not to worry about adjusting it every-time it goes from carpets to area rugs, hard floors and tiles. Moreover, you can schedule when it’s going to start cleaning any time of the day or night that suits you.


As they say, don’t belittle the small things, and this falls true for the Dirt Devil Bag-less Canister Vacuum, SD40100. This model is a very versatile compact vacuum cleaner. Its lightweight design makes it gentle on hard floors. It comes complete with bare floor nozzle with retractable brush for tiled floors. It also has added on-board tools that will help you get into dirt on other surfaces,; this means you wouldn’t have to buy another machine.


It’s cordless and bag-less; the convenience is at its finest with the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010. It is also one of a few vacuum models that has a long battery-life. It features the patented WindTunnel Technology that allows the machine to have a very strong suction power. Its Edge-Cleaning bristles is also an amazing addition as it gives you a closer access to walls and corners as you clean the main floor. And since it is designed with on/off button for floor surface switching, it can be used for both hard floors and carpets/rugs.


A cordless vacuum cleaner come in handy when you need to save all the extra time in cleaning your home. It is also the perfect type of vacuum for a small house or apartment and even for a larger home. You don’t have to worry about cumbersome cords anymore, which is a helpful feat especially if you have children playing around. With this advantages, you may want to check out of the best cordless vacuum cleaners out there.


The Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bag-less Upright Vacuum Cleaner has everything that convenience would call for. It is bag-less, which means you don’t have to worry about not having the budget to buy a bag to replace a full one. You only need to empty the washable canister that comes with the unit. It is also equipped with a battery that can last for up to 50 minutes. There’s an extra battery that comes in the bag as well. So if you would ever need more than 50 minutes to clean your home, you don’t have to wait for hours after the battery is fully charged to continue cleaning. Moreover, the battery is guaranteed to be fade-free.

This machine works well on low-pile carpets and hard floors. It uses three channels of suction to lift embedded dirt on even high-pile carpets. It also comes with a removable cleaning wand that is perfect for cleaning furniture and stairs. At a price like this, it is already a great deal for a fully upright vacuum cleaner that is made by a top-notch company.


The Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum Cleaner HV301 isn’t only ergonomically appealing, but does its job impressively. It has received excellent scores from different tests conducted by trusted organizations that deal with home appliances. It can pick up pet hair from carpets and large debris from hard floors. Because it is equipped with Swivel Steering, it is perfect for cleaning under low furniture like beds, desks, and chairs. Moreover, this machine can be turned into a hand vacuum for easy ceiling and car interior cleaning. Attachments include a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a pet hair tool, an extension wand, and an attachment for dusting that comes with a washable microfiber pad.


The Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight vacuum that is packed with a strong punch in cleaning, being equipped with 25 air watts. It is one of the most versatile handheld vacuum cleaners out there, thanks to its 4-foot flex hose that allows you to put more pressure on upholstery. This also helps you to lift and remove pet hair and other fine particles embedded deep into your carpets. the downside, however, is that it may struggle on sucking up larger debris on hard floors, such as nachos bread crumbs. This is expected as all handheld vacuum cleaners are intended for spot cleaning only. The compensation: this vacuum comes with three attachments: crevice tool, brush tool, and pet hair tool.


Technology has really come a long way in the vacuum cleaner industry. We don’t only have upright and canister versions to choose from; now, we have robots to consider as well.

Why you would choose a robot vacuum is a matter of personal preference, may the preference be influenced by budget, lifestyle or other possible factors. More often than not, robot vacuums are ideal for people who spend more time out of their houses and have no ample time to thoroughly clean. If you are in a similar situation, let one of these robot vacuum cleaners do the job.


Neato Robotics has made its name as one of the most trusted brands of robot vacuum cleaners. Their Neato XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner has received positive reviews from homeowners and vacuum experts alike. It does what it promises to do: do a superior job at picking up pet hair, dander, and fibers. This is thanks to its special, well-engineered bristled brush roll and filter. It is also equipped with onboard RPS (Room Positioning System) technology where the vacuum uses a laser to see its surroundings and accurately create maps the areas it needs to clean. It includes in its map possible obstacles, such as furniture, objects, and doorways.

The only drawback with this vacuum is it can be a little noisy, so it is ideal to get it working while you’re out of the house.


The Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro RoboVacMopis our top recommendation if you have a house entirely made of hard flooring. This is because it is built with dry and wet mopping options on top of its vacuuming features. In fact, the vacuum can be preset to do both at the same time. Though, as much as possible, we don’t encourage getting the vac do both jobs as this may decrease its suction power.

On a different note, this robot vacuum does it cleaning very well. Like any other robot vacuum, it scans the room first before it executes its pre-programmed cleaning routine. When it has done its map, it goes to vacuuming or mopping, whichever you have programmed it to do. The Moneual RYDIS H68 Pro is designed with the Smart Vision technology, which helps it identify uncleaned areas. Most of all, it is durable enough to last for years.


By now, you might have heard about the top-rated iRobot Roomba smart robot vacuum cleaners. They have been around since 2002, and they somehow set the trend of robot vacuums. Although the fuss is all about the brand’s 780 series, we’d still like to recommend the iRobot Roomba 770, especially if you have pets that love to shed fur or if you have allergies.

With its three-stage cleaning system, the Roomba 770 lifts dirt embedded deep from carpets, tiles, hardwood, linoleum, and basically any type of surface. It is also equipped with a spinning side brush that tackles wall edges. Its counter-rotating brushes perform like the broom and dust pan duo. But the main reason we’re recommending this for pet owners is the fact that it is built with AeroVac Series 2 technology, a design that primarily works on removing pet hair, dirt and other allergens. Moreover, it offers dual HEPA filters for a more powerful cleaning.


The Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 Basic Vacuum is designed with five cleaning patterns that provide great cleaning results. One pattern is the special bounce, a random movement that makes the unit bounces off the walls. Another pattern is the along-wall that allows it to run parallel to floorboards. The third is the spiral pattern designed for spot cleaning. The S-shape pattern makes the vacuum travel in a methodical back-and-forth movement for a more thorough cleaning. Lastly, the polygonal spiral pattern, which, as the name suggests, follows a polygonal movement.

Another great feature of the Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 Basic that homeowners would definitely love is its disinfecting ultraviolet light that is capable to kill bacteria on the floors. The only downside of this vacuum is its lack of virtual walls. So it goes to places where you don’t want it to go unless you place physical barriers.


Dust, gravel, pet hair, and other dirt particles are the bane of bare floors. If these are not removed promptly, they can diminish the quality of the floors. Moreover improper way of cleaning can scratch the floor surfaces. This stays true with vacuum cleaners, especially robot vacuum cleaners.

Since you’d probably leave your robot cleaner and let it clean the house alone, make sure it can deal well with delicate floors.


More popularly known as the MopBot, the iRobot Braava 380t has earned a high reputation in cleaning bare floors from the time of its release up until now. As its name suggests, this cleaning robot delivers two things: mopping and sweeping. On its “dry” mode, it runs in a pattern over the area that needs cleaning, gathers up debris and pushes larger ones to the edge of the room with the use of a dusting cloth. This cloth can be slightly dampen if you want the vacuum to increase its dust collection. On the other hand, when the vac is at its “wet mode,” it goes into a back and forth motion instead of just zigzagging across the floor. With this pattern, it overlaps and scrubs the surface with its textured terry pad, which stays wet throughout the cleaning cycle. At this performance, you really get the value of what you paid for.


Another choice of a mop robot vacuum is the Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic 4200. This vac uses microfiber cloth to pick up dirt, pet hair, and dust from your bare floors, such as hardwood, tile, and linoleum. And the most impressive feature of this powerful cleaning machine is its runtime that can last for up to 3 hours per charge. In dry mode, it can cover a whole 800 square feet of a room and up to 25 square feet when in wet mode.

Although this robot vacuum does not have a built-in sensor to detect where it must go, it uses a separate device called the NorthStar Navigation System, which uses the same signal as that to a GPS.


When the Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum System was first released, it carried the tagline, “intelligently map the entire floor space to choose the most effective path to clean the whole room, avoiding most obstacles other robots can only detect by impact.”It may sound very doubtful, but tests after tests have proven that it can do what it says. Once you turn it on, it performs a 360-degree scanner sweep, determines the most effective cleaning path, and begins picking dirt at its maximum capacity. Once it has cleaned all rooms, it goes back home to its docking station without hassle. This is arguably the smartest robot vacuum cleaner among its competitors.


When you are under budget but really want to own a robot vacuum cleaner for days when you are too tired for a regular vacuum cleaner or you are away for some days and want to keep your house clean, the P3 International P4960 V-Bot is one of the best choices. The difference of this vacuum among those in our list is that it is equipped with a rotating dust brush that allows it to tackle even carpeted floors, although not as powerful as an upright or canister vacuum cleaner. The drawback, it goes even to places you don’t want it to go, so you may have to close the doors of this rooms or out barriers.


Vacuuming is quite a challenging chore for the elderly, especially if there’s a medical condition they’re going through, such as arthritis and rheumatism. So it is very important to look for vacuum cleaners that wouldn’t strain joints and muscles. Lightweight is key to buying the right machine. Additionally, easy maneuverability is yet a much needed feature.

Ideally, the best vacuum cleaners for the elderly must weight not more than 10 pounds.

However, not all lightweight vacuum cleaners are good enough to clean floor surfaces and other areas.


At only 9 pounds, the Oreck Insight Vacuum Cleaner delivers excellent cleaning performance. It is not only lightweight but also easy to move around, reach under furniture and is self propelled. Besides its strong sucking power, this light little vacuum seamlessly goes from carpet to hardwood and tile floors. Be very careful, though, because this guy sucks up everything that stands in its way. The 30-foot long cord assures you that you will reach every corner of your home. This vacuum is top-rated everywhere for a reason.


If 9 pounds is still a bit heavy, the Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Vacuum, 169B will close the deal as it weighs only 5.3 pounds! Its handle is removable, which means it can be easily converted to a handheld machine when the situation calls for it. It features an an/off brushroll for efficient cleaning on low pile carpeting/area rugs and bare floors. There’s no need to worry about buying bags as this machine is complete with washable dust cup filter. Its free-standing design guarantees users that the vacuum stays upright even when in storage.


At less than $50, it’s nearly impossible to get a fantastic machine, one where you have few minimal complaints, if none at all. It is then a great deal to have one available in the market, and that’s Dirt Devil Lightweight Vacuum, SD20000RED. This is so far the lightest in weight among our three favorites here; you can pick it up and go at only 3.8 pounds! It is the ideal vacuum for small apartments or a bigger house that needs a separate machine for stairs and tight spaces. Basically, the Dirt Devil vac is handheld, but it comes with a detachable stick-handle in case you’ll need one. Additionally, it is designed to work both on rugs and hard floors.


Frustration sets in when a buyer has realized he just wasted his hard-earned money on a lackluster vacuum cleaner. Don’t be that kind of buyer. Look for a machine that does the trick of cleaning the whole house quickly and efficiently. But with so many models and new technologies now out in the market, picking the right vacuum cleaner for your home can be a daunting task.

To help you solve the dilemma, we give you a roundup of our own picks.


Tile floors post a challenge in cleaning. While some experts recommend cleaning tiles everyday with soap and brush, this is nearly impossible especially for those who have other commitments beside household cleaning throughout the day. More than than, some dirt and allergens can’t be scrubbed. This is where the vacuum cleaner comes in. The best vacuum cleaner for tile floors is the Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum, SH20030. It has a powerful brush roll for it comes with a cyclonic technology. It also features a Swivel Steering for easy maneuverability and an Extreme Recline handle that lets you reach far under furniture.


If a vacuum cleaner is intended for carpets, it’s not good at all for timber floors. This is true in many ways than one. Carpet-intended machines need to have harder brush to get through fibers. This kind of brush can be harsh on timber floors as it can cause scratches. We highly recommend the BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A. The V-shape base of the machine allows it to capture both large and fine particles. The wipers are made of hair-attracting rubber material that can collect more pet hair than suction alone can. This vacuum is specifically designed for timber floors, but can be used for low pile area rugs as well.


The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) has received high rates from so many customers who have tried using this amazing cleaning machine. This upright vacuum cleaner for carpets has a very powerful motorized brushroll that sips deep into the carpet fibers and suction the tiniest particles and pet hair. Moreover, it comes with accessories that allow you to clean bare floors and other part of the house, even your car. It has the canister option that allows easy cleaning on stairs. Surprisingly, it does the work without the irritating noise that most machines produce. Indeed, the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) is a great buy for its current price and excellent performance.


How do you know if a vacuum cleaner is really worth the value you’re going to pay for it? As a rule of thumb, a great vacuum cleans an entire home thoroughly and safely without you feeling too tired that as if you would have done the chores without any help from a machine. Add to that the fact that the vacuum must last at least a decade requiring no more than minor maintenance.

If quality is your topmost priority without having to worry about how much money you’d shred off from your pocket, then the following vacuum cleaners must be included in your options.


The Miele Dynamic U1 Twist is the best pick if you have a big home because it works excellent on most surfaces, and though the machine is a bit big, it is easy to maintain and has a strong build to last for years. Despite its tank-like build quality, it is one of the most maneuverable vacuums in the market. Moreover, it has a very powerful motor, yet is surprisingly quiet.

The Miele Dynamic U1 Twist is built with a chevron-patterned electrobrush that efficiently pushes debris to the suction head of the machine and automatically adjust for different carpet depths and surface coverings. It also has a rotary dial control that allows you to adjust to one of four different suction settings. Thanks to its 39-foot cord, you don’t have to switch outlet when you’re cleaning a big room.


If the weight of the vacuum matters to you along with its performance, then you’d be hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak, with the Hoover Platinum UH30010COM. Besides that, you’d be having both an upright and a canister vacuum as this machine comes with a canister. It’s lightweight, with the upright only weighing about 11 pounds, which makes it easy to maneuver around a room. Both the upright and the canister offer HEPA filtration and a bag-full indicator to tell you when to change the bag. In connection to its performance, the Hoover UH30010COM is thorough on carpets and pet hair. The canister comes with a shoulder strap so you can wear it while you clean.


If your apartment is not too big (or too small) and it is mostly hardwood or tile flooring, the Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum may do all the trick of cleaning. It has a parquet floor brush and another turbo brush for cleaning carpets. Although the motor is 1200 watts, the machine is amazingly quiet. Its body is plastic, but it is built to last for years. Its cord measures only 18 feet, but it’s enough to reach all spots in a tiny apartment. In case you’ll need more length to reach certain corners, like the ceiling, the machine comes with a telescopic, stainless wand that helps the vacuum to operate in 29.5 feet radius.


The BISSELL Zing Canister Vacuum 4122 checks all the gear boxes: lightweight, easy maneuverability, powerful suction, and affordability. Getting all these at under $100, there’s nothing better value than that!

With a mere flip of a switch, the machine can go from cleaning deep into carpets to going gently yet thoroughly on hardwood and bare floors. Amazingly, you can rewind the long cord with a push of a button. Moreover, it has always been a problem for other vacuums their ability to get into stairs, but the BISSELL Zing 4122 is an exception. Thanks to its wheels, too, which allow users to roll the machine when they feel like carrying it is a tiring task. Though, that’s almost impossible because it is very light.


Along with changing your bed sheets, vacuuming is perhaps your least favorite household chore, especially if you have the most annoying, less reliable vacuum cleaner to do it with. What if we can just get away from lugging a heavy machine down the stairs, changing sockets as you go from one place of the house to another, or tripping over cords?

While suction power is the top priority, there are still other considerations to be looked into when paying for a vacuum. There’s no breeze in hauling a huge cleaning tool around, especially when you have a wide space to work on. Instead, go for the properly designed, the nimble and the user-friendly.


Panasonic has invested a lot of time, effort and money in their OptiFlow technology, and all of that has paid off as the Panasonic MC-CG917 OptiFlow is one of the most efficient vacuum cleaners in the market today. This technology allows the machine to ensure a consistent volume of airflow that comes in and out of the dust bag, even if it fills up. This further improves its suction power. Moreover, it is designed to work on bare floors and carpets. You can switch between surfaces with a flip of a switch.

The Panasonic MC-CG917 OptiFlow comes with other add ons for thorough cleaning. There’s a floor brush for hardwood floors; a dusting and upholstery brush for furniture and tabletops; a crevice tool to go in between spaces, such as couch cushions; and the air turbine intended for removing pet hair from stairs and upholstery. Finally, the machine has an automatic cord reel: with just a single touch, the cord rewinds, making storage pretty convenient.


If you are always out of the house and running out of time or have no time at all to clean up, the iRobot Roomba 880 is the perfect companion. You can just set it up what time it must wake up and leave it the rest of the cleaning. Once it wakes up, it trundles out of its storage, clean the floor and go back to its docking station. It is quiet in doing its work, but it can go on for hours, which makes it really ideal for people who aren’t always at home.
Another great feature of the iRobot Roomba 880 is its AeroForce Performance Cleaning System, which is an upgrade from its predecessor, the 790. With this technology, the unit can capture 50% more dirt from all types of floors. Here’s a word of caution, though: this robot vacuum isn’t ideal for houses with a lot of clutters, obstacles and stairs. It is only worthwhile for fairly big, encumbered floors.


If you have no need for extras and just looking for the bare essentials in a vacuum cleaner, there’s no other way to go but getting a handheld one. The top-of-the range for this type of vacuum is undoubtedly the Black + Decker CHV1410L. You may be having doubts when it comes to battery. The company listened; this version has a battery upgrade, using a lithium-ion battery instead of nickel-cadmium. The advantage of this is that it can hold more energy, and it offers strong suction and fade-free power. In fact, tests have shown that its suction power is nearly the same as that of upright vacuums.

The nozzle has been upgraded as well. It has been made longer to give users better reach. It is also rotating, so you can get the best angle when you’re cleaning awkward spaces. Surely, this dust buster may be small, but it is powerful enough for a thorough clean.


Some of us don’t only go for the cleaning power but also for the outward appearance of a vacuum. If cleaning is annoying enough, the vacuum must at least right that off with its design. The SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyxis one that’s hard to resist. But that’s not all this machine has to offer. It has three features that make it stand out from many other vacuums. One, it has a very strong powerhead suction, which is apparent for most uprights. Two, it has seal-able bag, which prevents dusts and dirt escaping. Lastly, it is very light despite its appearance. It has built-in handles that makes it easy to be hand-carried like a canister up and down the stairs and around the house.


Having an excellent working vacuum cleaner is key for sucking up pet and/or human hair, removing unwanted smells, and getting rid of dust and dirt in a studio apartment or any other type of home. The right kind of vacuum, though, depends on the space you live in. For studio apartments that tend to be small and cluttered with furniture, maneuverability is the top priority.

We listed down below our top picks.


With the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner, storage is the least of your problem as this machine can easily be stored in the closet. It doesn’t take too much space, and it’s very lightweight. It doesn’t also need to be plugged in for it to work, which is very convenient for apartment dwellers. It is equipped with motorized floor tool that works on any type of surface. This tool consists of two types of brushes. One is the ultra-fine conductive carbon fiber brushes that work on hard floors, and the other one is the rotating nylon bristles that clean deep on carpets. Another great thing about the Dyson DC35 is that it can be converted into a handheld vacuum for cleaning awkward spaces.


Miele has long been trusted when it comes to vacuum cleaners, and they have impressed us yet again with the Miele S194 Quickstep Universal Vacuum. This machine is engineered with six-stage suction setting that allows you to select the suction power according to the floor type you are cleaning. It delivers excellent cleaning power on carpets, bare floors, staircases and upholstery. And because it is equipped with a Wide Floor Tool, you don’t need to clean a large area with multiple swipes. It is super lightweight that it is very ideal for small homes that have very limited storage area.


Another top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner for small apartments with hard floors is the Bissell 1161 Deluxe Canister Vacuum. This vacuum weighs only 9.1 pounds making it easier to clean a large area. Easy handling does not only come with its weight but also with its compact size, which helps pretty well if you have limited storage.

The Bissell 1161 is equipped with wheels for non-straining maneuverability. These wheels are made up of rubber and thread to prevent living scratches and marks on delicate floors. The brush used by the machine is powerful enough to clean well but soft enough to be gentle on bare flooring. Suction power is not a disappointment either. Indeed, for less than $150, this vacuum gives more than you paid for.


For sure you’ve heard It said time and again that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. We can’t help but agree. With all the different technologies, sizes, filters, features, and price tags, it’s nearly impossible to get one vacuum that would fit everybody’s needs. After all, we have different preferences and different types of homes to tackle.

What are then the things to consider if you have a large home? Suction power is, of course, one of the top priorities. However, it isn’t everything. Weight does matter, too, as you’d be carrying the vacuum around your big house. What you’d want is a machine that won’t strain you. Moreover, the design says so much about a vacuum’s maneuverability, so include that on the list.


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E boasts the company’s advanced cyclonic technology. This tech plays a critical role in preventing the filter being clogged, thus maintaining the strength of its suction power. It works by separating fine dirt from the air. This machine is also equipped with Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology that prevents air from escaping the inside of the machine. Combining this with the superior HEPA filtration, sucked up dirt and other allergens are prevented from going out and back into the room.

Additionally, the Shark Navigator NV356E can work on pet hair, thanks to its powerful pet attachments. It can also deal with large debris with the help of its patented Dust-Away hard floor attachment. Finer particles has no escape either because the machine features a microfiber pad that wipes away finer debris. It basically works on any surface – may it be your delicate bare floor, area rugs or your thick carpets.

Other commendable features of the Shark Navigator NV356E is its being lightweight and easy to maneuver around a big house. Weighing in at only 7.5 pounds, you can have it on different floors of your home without straining your arms.


The Hoover Max Extract Dual V F7452900PC may be a little steep on price, but with its many features, you’ll be getting the value of what you’re going to pay for. The most impressive of its many features is its unique Spill Pickup Mode that is capable of cleaning accidents or spills before they cause permanent stains. It is built with an Auto-Rinse technology as well that rinses carpet and hard floors, preventing the build up of residues. Equipped with the patented Dual V technology, this machine’s base has an equally distributed suction power that helps in faster cleaning of surfaces.

The Hoover Max Extract Dual V F7452900PC also features three different elevations for its height adjustment. This helps you transition from low pile to high pile carpets and rugs without being stuck. The machine also comes with an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture, and a powered hand tool for spot cleaning. Additionally, this machine is designed with Hoover’s SpinScrub technology, which consists of counter-rotating brushes that clean carpet fibers from all sides as they spin at 360-degree angles.


If you need an all-around vacuum cleaner that tackles most, if not all, of the parts in your home, Workshop Wet/Dry Vacs WS1200DE Heavy Duty is the perfect recommendation. This isn’t only a vacuum cleaner for inside the house; it also works as a leaf blower, a helpful feature to clean up your front yard. It can clean off porches, walkways, patio furniture, kitchen and pretty much everything. Its construction is sturdy, ensuring you it’s going to last for years. Best of all, you get this for not more than $150.


Some people think that log cabin home maintenance is the most complicated and time-consuming. What a few owners don’t know is that the preparation is the most crucial to make maintenance a breeze. If your log cabin is also made of wooden floors, vacuum cleaning is a must to keep the floors at top quality. What to keep in mind in vacuuming wood floors is that your machine must have delicate brush so as to not scratch or damage the floors.

Which vacuum cleaners are great for log cabins? Check out our pick below.


The Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t only look aesthetically and ergonomically good, but it does its job impressively as well. It is the absolute best priced cleaning machine in the market if you have a log cabin that’s made of wooden floors. It has two features: one is to vacuum and the other is to steam. As expected from Bissell, this unit is equipped with the cyclonic technology that gives it its good suction power. Additionally, its steam feature that is also ideal for hard floors, including wooden floors, can sanitize 99.99% bacteria and germs on the floor. This is thanks to its hot airwaves that kill these unhealthy particles. You don’t even need any chemicals as water would suffice. Another great feature worth mentioning about this vacuum is its Dry Tank technology that maintains the tank dry while you steam your floors. This prevents humidity from infiltrating the vacuum parts, resulting to better durability. Included in the box are 4 mop pads.


There’s a lot to be impressed about the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner. One is its 12-amp motor that is more than powerful to lift dirt and particles from wooden floors and other bare floors. It can also work well on low-pile carpets. It is easy to move around an entire large home because its lightweight and the canister is designed with wheels. It also comes with an extension wand so you can clean hard-to-reach places, like windows and top of wooden cabinets.


The O-Dust Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a great tool that you can leave behind and let it keep hardwood clean and dust-free. In essence, this is the poor man’s version of the ever pricey Roomba iRobot. But even if it is a lot cheaper, it can deliver decent cleaning performance. At its price, you can’t expect it to be as smart as the Roomba, though, but this is the ideal machine if you only need spot cleaning your wooden floors without the need to maneuver anything. You just need to build barriers against places you don’t want it to get into.


Cleaning is perhaps the most dreaded chore of the day, but it must be done no matter what if you want to a have a house comfortable to live in. To do the job right, why not invest in a good vacuum cleaner? If you’ve got carpet all over the house, you cannot clean with just a broom or pick dust and pet hair with your bare hands. Even tiled and hardwood floors need more than just the casual dusting and brooming.

We suggest pick one of our top picks that are excellent in doing the job.


The Dyson DC50 Upright Vacuum Cleaner does a great job on both short- and long-pile carpets. It even has impressive cleaning performance on wooden floors. What’s even more impressive about this upright vacuum cleaner is that it is mounted on a ball, which makes it easier for you to maneuver the thing. It weighs light, too, at only 5.4kg. Its cleaning head is self-adjusting, making it maintain constant suction and get in tightest spaces of your home. Additionally, its head self-adjusts for optimal contact on any floor type. Indeed, the technology in this Dyson model is worth your money.


If you want to combine good looks and good suction power, the Sebo Premium Rosso Upright Vacuum is a great pick. It has a gleaming ruby-red design and stands fantastic with that slimline look. It glides effortlessly along carpets and even on wooden floors. It is lightweight and easy to steer around fixtures, thanks to its flexible neck. Its L-shaped head can even clean up edges.

The Sebo Premium Rosso Upright Vacuum has four settings on the power head that correspond to different types of carpet you are cleaning. If your setting is right for the carpet, the light turns green. There is also the variable speed of suction instead of just an on/off switch. This will help you control the level of suction, especially if you have more delicate things to clean, such as rugs. Finally, it includes a five-year warranty on the motor and all non-wear parts and a five-year warranty on labor charges.


They’re cuddly and cute, and you love them like they’re your best friends, but when it comes down to grooming, pets are one cause of a messy house. Pet hair can be everywhere — on the carpet, on your hardwood/tiled floors, on the sofa, and even on the black pants you are wearing right now. While many vacuum brands advertise that their machines work wonders on pet fur, only a handful can actually do as advertised, and Miele S8380 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum does not disappoint. With its Active Air Clean filter, which features 12-stage AirClean Sealed System, no single fur can escape. It also comes with a powered floor and upholstery brushes that make picking everything so simple. It’s not cheap, but you will definitely be seeing ” buy quality now, save money over time” come to realization.


Dust can trigger asthma and other allergies. To help allergy sufferers cut the amount of allergens they inhale, cleaning with a good vacuum machine is the key. These good vacuums fall into one category: those with HEPA filter.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters can retain all 0.3 micron at the smallest size of particles at an efficiency level of at least 99.97%. Airborne particles are commonly about 2.4 microns in size, but you must know that regular vacuum cleaners can only draw in particles measuring 30 to 50 microns. This only means that if you’re an allergy sufferer, the regular vacuum cleaner won’t do you any food as it blows the rest of the allergens back into the air.

To save you from spending to much time going through the wrong vacuums, check out our top recommendations below.


The advantage of the Sebo Airbelt D4 Black Premium Canister Vacuum Cleaner over most vacuum cleaners in the market is its two-fan suction motor. Such motor is very powerful as it significantly pulls more dirt particles and other allergens than a single-fan motor can. The Sebo Airbelt D4 is so strong that it is rated at 120 cubic feet per minute in air flow, which is how the power of vacuum is usually measured. At this rate, this vacuum is considered one of the most powerful machines out there. Additionally, it comes with an unmatched 40-foot cord and 50-foot cleaning radius, which allow you to clean around the house without having to unplug. It has rubber-coated wheels to protect floo surfaces and a parquet brush, which make it ideal for hardwood floors. With the two-fan motor and the huge size, you won’t believe how quiet it does its work.


You might have heard or read that bagged vacuum cleaners are the last thing you must buy if you’re an allergic person. This is not at all true because there are bagged vacuums that include an easy bag removal feature. This can protect the user from exposure to any of the bag’s contents. Moreover, there are high-efficiency HEPA replacement bags now available in the market in case the vacuum doesn’t feature the aforementioned protection. With that said, the best one under this category is the Electrolux Ergospace Bagged Canister Vacuum, EL4103A. This model is best if size and storage also matters; it is lightweight and compact.


One of the best features of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) is its Sealed Vacuum Technology that makes it one of only few powerful suction in vacuums. Its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and superior HEPA filtration can capture and hold over 99.9% of dust and allergens. With its huge size, it’s almost unbelievable that it can access small, hard-to-reach areas, but it can, thanks to its being lightweight and featuring a swivel steering. It can sip through the deepest fibers of carpets yet gently and thoroughly cleans more delicate surfaces, such as area rugs and hardwood floors.


What you would probably love about the VonHaus 600W Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is that you can use it handheld or with the stick for multi-purpose cleaning — from the insides of your home to your car upholstery. It offers an innovative HEPA filtration and sponge system, which traps harmful allergies. The filter is replaceable. This model also comes with a handy crevice tool that lets you tackle the most awkward spaces in your home. Moreover, it works both on hardwood and floor rugs.


Not all types of vacuum cleaners are ideal for hardwood floors. No company has created yet a technology that can bring all technologies together when it comes to vacuums. If ever there were, it would have totally ripped off everyone’s money. Nonetheless, we have excellent machines to do the work intended for them to do, and you don’t want to get one not for hardwood floors.

Here’s a basic test for getting the right vacuum cleaner for your wooden floor: no to beater/rotator brushes. This is because they are made of hard, thick bristles that can scrape or cause more serious damage to the floor. However, there are vacuums that feature on/off button for the brush.


Bag-less vacuum cleaners have numerous advantages. One is that you can save a lot of money by not needing to buy vacuum bags anymore. All you have to do is to remove the dirt chamber when it gets full. Our most recommended bag-less vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, FH40160PC, which is designed to clean thoroughly yet gently and safely scrub sealed harwood. The most raved about feature of this vacuum is its SpinScrub Brushes that clean different types of floor: sealed wood, vinyl, tile and grout. The brushes are removal, too, for easy cleaning. Moreover, you can wet your hardwood floor and let the brushes do their work. The vacuum has Dual Tank Technology that separate tanks for clean and dirty water. With all these features inside the machine, it’s quite surprising that the motor is so quiet!


There’s a reason the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is one of the best sellers for canister vacuum cleaners in the market today. It’s cheap in price but not in quality. It’s multi-purpose as it cleans both home and auto. It is small, but the job it does isn’t a small fit. It is actually very ideal for small apartments. Its maneuverability is appreciated by many as it can be easily moved around tight spaces. It’s compact and lightweight that moving it around the home and storing it isn’t too hard. Most of all, it works well for hardwood floor.


The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010 is both cordless and bag-less; talk about being highly convenient. More than that is its WindTunnel technology and cyclonic filtration which allow the machine to remove the deepest dirt from your floor or carpets. It also has on/off button for the motorized power brush so you can switch from carpet to hardwood floor without damaging it. You don’t have to worry about the battery, too, for this machine’s battery life can last long enough to clean an entire floor.


If you’re looking for value for your hard-earned money, the Dyson DC39 Origin Canister Vacuum hasn’t failed anyone yet. First of all, it’s lightweight despite its big size without losing its suction power. In fact, customers rave so much about its excellent suction power and even its maneuverability. It doesn’t only work well on hardwood floor, but also on wall-to-wall carpets. Thanks to its Triggerhead tool, you don’t need to bend down to adjust the brush between surface types. The rotating brush bar that deep cleans carpet switches off to protect delicate hardwood surface with only a push of a trigger. Additionally, the Dyson can capture microscopic particles, such as mold, bacteria and pollen.


Most customer complaints about vacuum cleaners have to do with their incapability to thoroughly clean stairs. Some are awkward on stairs, while others can’t be maneuvered with ease. The machine is either heavy or stiff. This dilemma, of course, has been given solutions by some vacuum cleaner brands.

With many hours of research and tests, here are our three favorites. They excelled in two important areas when taking the stairs to consideration — they are lightweight enough to be able to be lifted up and down the stairs and strong enough in terms of power suction to get all the dirt from the area.


Cheap doesn’t always mean low-quality performance. The Eureka EasyClean Vacuum, 71B is priced under $50 but it does its wonderful work on the stairs as excellent as other vacuums tagged with higher price. It is very convenient to store as well; you only need to wrap its long cord at the back of the vacuum. The only disadvantage of this machine is that it requires an extra work for longer stairs. but if you have electric outlet both down and up the stairs, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.


The BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner, 3624 combine three of the most sought-after abilities in a vacuum: a powerful suction, excellent brushing action, and a great cleaning solution to remove dirt and stains. It features a 22-foot cord for long reach and a large-capacity tank for uninterrupted cleaning. More so, it has a 5-foot flex hose long enough for you to reach every nook and cranny that are otherwise hard to get into. Lastly, since the machine has a very strong suction power, wet surfaces dry up faster and more easily.


It doesn’t only look sleek and beautifully designed, but the Hoover Platinum LiNX Handheld Vacuum, BH50030 is strong enough to clean stairs and other surfaces. Although it’s on the pricier side, it comes as a way better machine in terms of suction power and it’s not only designed for stairs but also for slightly larger areas like the kitchen or bathroom floors. The best features of this model is its powerhead brush roll that provides great cleaning for pet hair and pet food messes. It also frees users with the cord-problem. Thanks to its easy-grip design, you don’t have to worry about sore arms after vacuumin.


For restaurants, dirty place means losing potential and even avid customers. It is then important to get a professional vacuum cleaner that does a great job in keeping your restaurant pristine clean.

Since restaurants are prone to wetness, the best professional vacuum cleaner for it is the type that can deal with damp materials, spilled liquids and other wet mess without leaving its motor and any of its parts damaged. Moreover, it must be strong enough to suck up crumbs (both dry and sticky) and other solid dirt.

We listed below our picks for the best vacuum cleaners for restaurants.


The McCulloh MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam is the toughest vacuum cleaner we’ve ever seen work. It doesn’t tackle most floor surfaces, but also deals with kitchen appliances. This is particularly very helpful for all the places in the restaurant – from the main dining areas to the kitchen. There’s no need to buy separate vacuum cleaners for them. With the use of ordinary water heated to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, an array of attachments, and a strong steam power, it can clean up even the greasiest barbecue grills and counter tops.

Included in the unit is a steam mop that handles your delicate restaurant floors, may they be wood, ceramic tiles and/or laminate. Moreover, this mop can be attached with microfiber pads (which are also included in the box) that are used for removing stains and scuffs from bare floors. If the pads can’t do it, the nylon utility brushes will fill in, providing extra scrubbing power for tougher dirt and stains. They are washable and reusable.

The McCulloh MC-1275 comes with extension wands as well that are double-purpose: they can be used for mopping and for cleaning hard-to-reach places like those above your head. There’s an squeegee for mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces. Lastly, there are the scrub pad and the brass utility brush for removing stuck-on grease and grime on ovens and grills. The most surprising part is that you get all these powerful features for under $150!


If you have a not-too-large of a restaurant, a smaller vacuum cleaner may just be the perfect cleaning tool. One that you can carry on your back would be the most convenient and practical. Our best pick for this type is the Hoover Commercial C2401 Vac Pro. It is lightweight, only weighing less than 10 pounds. It has a very long cord that would allow you to clean an entire floor. It works very quiet as well, operating at only 66 decibels.

But what is really worth highlighting about this vacuum are its brush floor attachments. Usually, you would hate them and render them useless, but with the Hoover Commercial C2401 Vac Pro, they are the most useful things. It is fantastic for both hardwood and tiled floors, whichever your restaurant has.


Another great option of a vacuum cleaner for a restaurant is the Numatic “Charles” CVC 370 Canister Vacuum. Don’t let that cheeky smile fool you; it might make the machine look cheap, but it’s not at all. Its price is on the higher side of vacuum cleaners, and it does a great job to make it worth the value.

The Numatic Charles CVC 370 is built with four wheels that allow better maneuverabilty. It also comes with two floor nozzles: one intended to work on wet floors and the other for carpets and dry bare floors. It uses a 1200 watt hi-power motor, which makes its suction very powerful.


Many of us spend a great amount of time in our cars throughout the day. Our present culture requires almost all of us to use cars for easier, faster transport. We’re always racing against time so the need for it. And it is but only reasonable to have a clean car for a more pleasant ride.

When your car is the main priority why you’re buying a vacuum cleaner, you definitely want something that’s portable and fits in your car without sacrificing its suction power. Moreover, you’d need to consider the fact that cars are not created equal in size and interior materials.


The ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum doesn’t only pick up dry debris but wet ones as well. It is the vacuum that’s ideal for family cars, and when you have kids who can’t be stopped from bringing food and drinks inside the car. Though, it’s not only for family cars; it’s also the best car vacuum cleaner for the money for car enthusiasts. The blower function is made for cleaning and drying motorcycles, wheels and car grilles. The bonus part: it works well on hardwood floors, too.


As auto experts would say, handheld vacuum cleaners are really the most convenient, easiest-to-use machines with regards to car cleaning, and the Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster Cyclonic Hand Vacuum is one of the top-rated vacuums on this category. This model is popular for its thin, rotating nozzles that give it the ability to effficiently clean car interiors and to reach tighter spaces in the car. This vacuum features a wide mouth to suck larger pieces. Additionally, its Cyclonic Power spins articles away from the filter, allowing for suction power to stay strong. In fact, users have given its suction power one of the highest rates among handheld vacuums.


With only $30 on hand, can you buy a car vacuum cleaner good enough to do the work you’d want for your car? Definitely! And Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum, SD20005 does not disappoint. It is little and lightweight, but it has the cleaning power of a larger machine. It cleans spills, pet litter, and dirt thoroughly, thanks to its powerful 7 amp motor. It features a Quick Flip crevice tool designed to get through tight spaces like car seats and cushions. It’s absolutely not only for cars but for rugs and sofas, too!


If you’re one who needs more than an hour to clean his car without interruption, battery-powered vacuum cleaners should not be on your list because these can only last less than an hour before they need recharging again. The best one that fits your need is any corded portable vacuum cleaner. One of the most highly recommended vacuums is the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B for a number of strong reasons. Because it’s hand-held, there’s no need to hassle on lugging it around for cleaning your car upholstery. Its 25-foot long cord provides good reach from your electricity outlet to your car. The deluxe hose that stretches three times its normal length is also an added reach. It’s bag-less, and cleaning the canister is a snap to do. You don’t even have to worry about overheating because it automatically shuts off when the motor gets too hot. But the customer raves fall onto its very powerful suction capability, which is driven by two motors. One motor provides power for the suction and the other for the revolving brush.


If you have a fireplace or a log burner, you are definitely familiar with this inevitable problem: ashes. To avoid damaging your fireplace or log burner, cleaning it regularly is a must. Using a brush and dustpan, however, won’t be enough and may even create more mess. More than that, using this duo may cause you asthma. This is where a vacuum cleaner comes in, but it’s not just the regular vacuum cleaner. The best choice is the one specifically designed to deal with ashes: the ash vacuum cleaner.


The PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum is specifically designed to clean warm and cool ash out of log burners, fireplaces, wood stoves, barbeque grills, and pellet stoves. It features a washable and replaceable fire-resistant filter system. This technology filters the finest ash and dust. Moreover, it has a heat resistant metal hose and metal canister, which all enable the unit to stand high temperature without the danger of fire accidents. The canister can also hold three (3) gallons of ashes. The added bonus is that it does not only work with ashes, but it can also act as a regular vacuum cleaner and a blower. In addition, customers rave about how easy it is to empty the canister, even when it is full to the brim with ashes. Even with a 10 amp motor, the PowerSmith PAVC101 is surprisingly quieter than most ash vacuum cleaners out there.


Another recommended ash vacuum cleaner is the US Stove AV15. It is powerful enough to suck out all ashes from your pellet stove and log burner without even scaring any of your pets, if you have one or more. It features a three-layer fine dust filter with mesh cage to prevent ash and other fine articles escape back into the air. It comes with a 3.25 foot suction hose with an added 8-inch aluminium wand to give a farther reach. Additionally, the unit has an adjustable bi-metal thermostat that provides automatic controlled combustion for even heating.


If durability is your top priority, your better bet than that of sturdy plastic is metal construction, and that is exactly what the Dustless Technology MU405 Cougar Ash Vacuum offers. Its metal built has fire resistant components as well to prevent it from getting damaged or overheated. It is designed to deal with both warm and cool ashes. Moreover, it features a unique double filtration system that would allow the machine to suck up even the tiniest dust particles. The steel nozzle that comes with the unit has a five-foot flame-resistant hose and a fire-proof three-gallon steel chamber. If you have heavy use of log burners and fireplaces, this vacuum is definitely the perfect fit.


If your budget cannot go more than a hundred dollars, then Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner is worth a look. It boast a HEPA filtration system, which can capture 99.99% of fine dust particles including ashes in your fireplace and log burners. It is constructed from stainless steel, assuring durability. And just like the previous vacuum cleaners above, this model is fire-resistant.


Frustration sets in when a buyer has realized he just wasted his hard-earned money on a lackluster vacuum cleaner. Don’t be that kind of buyer. Look for a machine that does the trick of cleaning quickly and efficiently. Even if this means you have to shell out more money, it will be worth it in the long run. You wouldn’t want an appliance that is sure cheap but gets broken so easily.

But with so many models and brands offering different technologies, picking the right vacuum cleaner that is worth the price can be a daunting task. To help you out, we listed down the best vacuum cleaners for your money. Check them out below.


The Sebo X4 Extra Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a popular name among home and establishment owners because of its unsurpassed durability and very strong suction power. Among all the upright vacuum cleaners in the market, this machine is arguably the most user-friendly. It features an electronic sensor that automatically adjusts the height of the brush roll. This sensor uses a microchip to measure the resistance of the brush against the type of the floor you’re cleaning. It also has Check Brush warning light that comes on if it runs over too-big materials, such as kids’ toys or a shoe. When the light is on, the vacuum automatically shuts off. Additionally, it has an indicator light for a clogged or full bag.

Sebo X4 Extra is a very ideal cleaning tool for those who have allergies as well. It comes with an S-class filter, which is a European equivalent of the US HEPA filter. The difference between the two is that the S-class filter is superior in airflow, lasts longer and is cheaper. Moreover, the S-class filter is required to absorb over 99.9% of pollen, particles, dust, and other allergens while the HEPA is at 99.97%. Nevertheless, this cleaner gives user the option to work with HEPA filter.


If you have no need for extras and just looking for the bare essentials in a vacuum cleaner, there’s no other way to go but getting a handheld one. The top-of-the range for this type of vacuum is undoubtedly the Black + Decker CHV1410L. You may be having doubts when it comes to battery. The company listened; this version has a battery upgrade, using a lithium-ion battery instead of nickel-cadmium. The advantage of this is that it can hold more energy, and it offers strong suction and fade-free power. In fact, tests have shown that its suction power is nearly the same as that of upright vacuums.

The nozzle has been upgraded as well. It has been made longer to give users better reach. It is also rotating, so you can get the best angle when you’re cleaning awkward spaces. Surely, this dust buster may be small, but it is powerful enough for a thorough clean.


It’s handy and elegant that it won’t be an eyesore to anyone visiting your home or even to you who have to see it every time you clean the house. But beyond that is its having a very powerful suction that will answer your cleaning woes.

The Miele S6270 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is really a small powerhouse of a cleaning machine, and it hardly weighs 10 pounds! The machine is designed to retain over 99.9% of allergens to prevent them being thrown back into your home. It is built with sturdy materials to last for many years. It also comes with a long cord and a hose with metal wand, so you can reach rather difficult spaces, such as under the bed and around furniture. You don’t even have to put effort on coiling the cord; with a push of a button, it automatically rewinds. It works great on both carpets and bare floors, thanks to its AllTeQ technology.

The only drawback of the Miele S6270 is its lack of castor wheels, which makes it hard to haul it around and move slowly on carpets. The solution here is to buy an additional attachment that will allow you to clean carpeted staircases with ease. A turbohead is one option.


The Eureka Easy Clean 169B is one of the most popular vacuum cleaners from Eureka for a number of reasons. It doesn’t only have a stylish look that won’t embarrass the vibe of your closet or wherever you put the vacuum in, but also very lightweight that you can easily carry it by one hand from one room to the next. Weighing only about five pounds, it won’t strain your arms even if you have to clean for long hours.

Another feature of the Eureka Easy Clean 169B is its removable handle, which turns the machine into a handheld unit so you can reach elevated and narrow places and deal with dirty spots. Moreover, with the handheld feature, you can clean upholstery and the inside of your car. Instead of dealing with bags, you only need to wash the dust cup filter to be ready to clean the next day. Most of all, what’s important to take note is its affordable price and ability to do a thorough clean. Featuring an on/off brush roll, it can pick up dirt from any surfaces.


There’s no more relaxing feeling than sinking your feet into the soft and warm comfort of your thick carpet. But if there are gritty dirt particles embedded on your carpet, it is more annoying than relaxing. This is where a great vacuum cleaner comes in. However, you can’t just pick any vacuum cleaner, for there are those really engineered for long-pile carpets.

What to keep in mind when buying a cleaning machine for a high-pile carpeting is that the beater brush or the head of the vacuum must not come in contact with the threads to prevent tangling or pulling the fibers and getting your high-premium carpet ruined. Moreover, opt for the vacuum that is designed with large wheels for easy maneuverability. Smaller wheels tend to loosen threads, while large wheels easily roll over longer threads and leaving no mar or dent.


The Prolux 7000 HEPA Upright Vacuum is more than just another machine for carpets. It is intended for those who have allergies and want to keep the air in their home pristine clean. Its HEPA filter is hospital grade, so you have the assurance that it isn’t just for marketing ploy.

This vacuum machine is designed to deep clean all types of carpets, including that of high-pile, thick ones. It isn’t difficult to push on a plush carpet. But because of its powerful suction, it may require more force when pulling back. This does not leave damage on the carpet, though.

The Prolux 7000 uses a sealed motor chamber as well, which means all dirt and allergens sucked up by the vacuum go directly to the bag and not through the motor (one that is usual to some vacuum cleaners). You can vacuum bolts and not affect the motor at all. This makes the unit last for years. Moreover, when it works, it does so quietly. In fact, despite its size and suction power, it is one of the quietest vacuums in the market today.


Miele is known for their patented SwivelNeck technology, so maneuverability is no problem even on thick carpets with the Miele Swing S7580 Upright Vacuum although it’s one of the heaviest vacuums (weighing 27 pounds). It also boasts the AirClean Sealed System that allows the machine to lift dirt, debris, and dust from the deepest pile carpets. Moreover, it is designed with a unique electro-brush that automatically adjusts in height for different carpet depths to avoid damaging the carpet’s threads. Power suction level is automatically adjusted as well.

If you have a lot of pets at home and/or you have allergies and willing to pay high for a vacuum, this is definitely another of your best options.


The Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath F7412900 stays true to its name as it covers wider path to clean than most vacuum cleaners. This is due to the patented Dual V technology provides equal suction from its entire base. Moreover, it gets six rotating brushes instead of just five like other vacuum cleaners; this allows the nozzle to cover more carpet in one single pass. It also has three different elevations that you can adjust according to the surface you’re cleaning. Transitioning from low-pile to thick carpets and rugs is a breeze of work.

Another technology incorporated into the Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath F7412900 is the SpinScrub rotating brushes that go around the carpet fibers to lift dirt and grime instead of just passing through them. Additionally, it features an Automatic Detergent Mixing System that provides the best ratio of detergent and water without you having to do the measuring and mixing. This also means you can wet clean your carpets for a more thorough result. Its powerful 12-amp motor comes with Heated Cleaning feature that helps dry carpet surface by applying the heat directly on the surface.


They are cuddly. They are sweet. But when it comes to the mess they leave behind, pets can be not-so adorable sometimes. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your pets, though, or give up the notion of getting one. The pet hair and dander that’s all over your place can be gone in a jiffy with the right vacuum cleaner designed primarily for this mess.


Upright vacuum cleaners often have the stronger powerful suction, and they come with multiple attachments for cleaning other places. If it’s for the pet hair and dander you’re after, then the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete is one that’s highly recommended. As if the past versions of this line aren’t strong enough, the company upgraded yet again their Radial Root Cyclone™ to increase the machine’s suction power. It works excellently in sifting deep into carpets and underside of couches, getting all the tiniest bit of pet hair and dander and ingrained human hair strands.

Additionally, the Dyson DC65 isn’t labelled “Complete” for nothing. It is also designed to work gently on delicate rugs and hard floors. With just a switch of a button, the motorized brush bar intended for carpets is turned off. This machine is equipped with the latest exclusive Dyson Ball technology that allows it for easy twisting and turning around furniture and other obstacles. This is very ideal for those who want a cleaning machine that is lightweight enough to be carried up and down the stairs and around a large home.


Win the pet hair battle with one of the most affordable yet most reliable vacuum cleaners today, the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A Corded Vacuum. It has more suction power than what its size can suggest. One of its features that customers are very impressed with is its V-shaped front edge, which captures both large and small debris. Moreover, the wipers are made of hair-attracting rubber materials, which help in capturing more pet hair than what suction can do.

Take note, though, that the Bissell 81L2A is most ideal for pet owners who live in a house of mostly hard floors. Also, the cord is only 20-foot long, and that may present a problem if you have a really large home. Nevertheless, if power outlets are over the house, this won’t be an issue.


Get it as fast as you can! This is how users of the Hoover Linx BH50010 would tell anyone asking about it. We couldn’t agree more if you’ve got pets at home and you’d want to get away from the dangling cords and bothersome bags when cleaning.

Hoover is known for its exclusive WindTunnel technology that allows the machine to clean deep into both carpets and hard floors. And since it is powered by battery, you need not worry about power outlets; it’s even easier to go around the house, up and down the stairs because this machine is very light to be hand-carried around. In case you’d buy this machine, a word of advice: do not leave/store the battery in the charger as this will diminish its life in a short period of time.


It is small, but it does no small job in cleaning. The Bissell Handheld Vacuum 33A1 features an easy-grip handle and fingertip-access on/off switch. It is designed mainly for picking up hair, thanks to its flexible rubber contour nozzle. It also has a hard nozzle for cleaning dry messes or cars. Top it all off with a weight of about 4 pounds!

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